Need Something RED…

I spoke to my sister one day and she told me she needs a necklace in “RED”

so after quite a few weeks finally got something in “RED” made…



I have become very close friends with a teacher at our local school.  She has been a wonderful help to me over the years.

Did things to help me that really were out of her job criteria, wonderful lady.

Much to my sadness she left our school to venture on a new adventure!

She has become a Principle at her very own school.

They are extremely lucky kids and parents.

So as a”thankyou”  for her wonderful support, and friendship that i will value for a very long time

i made her something special in

her favourite colour.

Lake King

I been away for a few weeks, Me and the kids and dog packed up and went of to my Hubbys Uncle’s farm in Lake King..

Was wonderful all the open spac, it went on for ever and ever.

The colours really inspired me out there so i had a go at beading a cuff… I think it turned out extremely well and will remind me of our great holiday all the time.

This photo gives you an idea of the colours and what it was like out there.