Been awhile:

After a very  trying and hard year,turning the dreaded 40, lossing some one I love dearly,I think it is about time that I got back into some beading.

I have done bits and pieces here and there. But I have not done anything that really challenges me, pushes my boundaries gets the ole grey matter work hard.


To get my juices and motivation flowing, i chose a few projects out of one of my  favourite magazine.

I also got into using one of my not so favourite stitches, ‘Peyote’.

I have not been a big fan of the stitch but, hey over the past week i have begun to enjoy the stitch! I am Amazed!!


So here is a preview of my what I did.

I love the effect the blues have, so many depths. Really keeps your eye travelling around exploring.

I have also done this in green and creams.

Well I do hope you have enjoyed looking at my new pieces.

I have enjoyed making them so much I am trying out lots of

different colour combinations!


Thanks for dropping by




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